Music Engraver

20 years of music engraving for:
  • music publishers
  • book publishers
  • authors • musicians

An experienced music engraver knows the art of perfecting the finest details and layout of sheet music, to prepare it for publication.

As a music engraver of more than 600 music books, Musictype has been providing music engraving services to publishers for 20 years.

Take a look at the portfolio page to view some examples ...

Seemingly without even noticing the daunting hieroglyphics on my manuscripts, Rachel (Moore) transforms the confusion of my imagination with meticulous artistry at Musictype. All my sweat and tears in composing the piece evaporate after Rachel weaves her magic. I’m in the zone instantly as I sight read my own words and music like a new relaxing adventure. Judith Durham, A.Mus.A, OAM, 2012

Judith’s piece “All in Good Time” is featured on the
portfolio page and is recorded on her “Epiphany” album.